The Importance of the "Big Reveal"


My favorite part of any project is what we at Dane Austin Design call “the big reveal.” After design plans have been implemented, construction is complete, and furnishings and finishes have been installed – when every last detail is complete – this is when we greet our clients at the door of their homes and walk them through their newly transformed spaces. To share in this joy is an incredible experience – it's truly the most rewarding part of my job.

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Our goal with any project is to curate a thoughtful, well organized, and well laid-out space, and the relationship and trust we build with clients along the way is remarkable. In order to design and create spaces that serve – and often improve – our clients' lives, we have to get to know them incredibly well. Our signature process – which includes a series of succinct steps – keeps us focused on a single goal: to always imagine a stage where a client can live his or her life to the fullest. I love being able to give that to people.

To deliver a quality experience, our projects follow a specific pattern. Step one is the discovery process – the most important step – during which we get to know our clients along with their needs and desires. Step two is where all the design magic happens – we take everything we know about a client in order to create a specific design plan – from layout to color to mood. The third part of the process is the installation of that plan. But the last step is truly my favorite. This is where we bring clients into the realized, finished spaces where they can live the lives they've always dreamed of.

The big reveal is like a ceremony where our team takes a step back from our work, and transfers “ownership” over to the client. But that doesn't mean the end of our relationship. At Dane Austin Design, we want to make sure that everything meets – and exceeds – your expectations. During the big reveal, we'll walk through the space together, presenting you with the outcome of the plan we built together, along with a few final flourishes and accents – the icing on the cake – that we've added just for you.

Traditional style dining room table setting with green glass filled with rose

At this time, we also present the client with a detailed binder of information explaining everything from how to care for their rugs to every paint color used throughout a space. We even buy the light bulbs – and leave an extra supply – so that rooms will have the same professional vibe even after a bulb burns out. (And should a client run into any issue – a dented lampshade, say – after our walkthrough, our team will work with the appropriate vendors and contractors until everything is perfect. No client should ever have to worry about a project punch list – that's our job.)

This kind of turnkey experience is what sets Dane Austin Design apart. Our detail-oriented team will have everything in place for you when it comes time for the big reveal. But while we consider ourselves perfectionists, we always want our clients to know that we deliver design that is meant to be lived in – not just admired or left on display. Our end goal isn't just to wow you – it's to create spaces where you want to spend time, and where you can truly live your life well. No room should ever be so precious that it's “off limits” to family and friends. A life well lived will come with a few scuffs and scrapes on the furniture along the way. We know that, and we plan for that. After all, it's that kind of use that adds character to a space over time. And it's that kind of living and loving that makes a house a home.

Yian Q