Recipe for a Color-Full Life


What do our inner lives and home interiors have in common?  Our well-being depends on the health of both. Your home reflects where you are in your life: if you’re feeling stressed and chaotic, chances are your spaces are cluttered and not serving you well. Our design process provides an opportunity to explore how to live a “color-full” life.


Encouraging others to live a color-full life means embracing joie de vivre. We fill our lives with the good stuff: family, friends, pets, travel, nature, spirituality, and positivity. Our sense of gratitude is contagious. 

Clients often say that they feel better in their homes after working with us because their outward environments match their inner selves. Their newly designed homes are thoughtfully laid out, uncluttered, and pulled together, resulting in a less stressful environment. Great interiors simply become the backdrop to a life well-lived.


Living with what you love: colors, textures, patterns, and letting go of what is no longer necessary is integral to the process resulting in safe, comfortable, happy environments. Our Rise & Thrive Experience caters to clients who want to dig deeper than just a pretty room – they care about who they are as humans, how they live and spend their time. Someone once told me that the mark of intelligence isn’t how much you know or your level of education; it’s about how you spend your time. We love contributing to these nurturing surroundings. 


We can’t think of any better way to affect someone’s life than by positively shaping their space. That’s what motivates me do the best design we can do every time. I am dedicated to helping others thrive. 



We subscribe to the “oxygen mask” theory of life – you have to take care of yourself before you can care for others around you, as every flight attendant has ever said (put the oxygen mask on yourself first). 

Some of my self-care practices are:

Boston-Interior-Designer Dane Austin Design | Dane-and-Joshua-sailing-Boston-Harbor.png
  • Yoga every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday

  • Scheduling ample sleep – for me eight hours is a must 

  • Taking time to prepare healthy meals 

  • Monthly maintenance involves acupuncture, chiropractic care, and massage therapy 

  • Wellness visits to doctors and the dentist

  • Biking and nature walks

  • Socializing with family and friends (research has shown that it extends our life expectancy) 

  • Travel abroad and weekend getaways

  • Creative outlets (like dancing, painting, cooking) 


We take time to relax, reflect, and recalibrate. These are all ways we flourish, and encourage those around us to flourish as well. One of the characteristics that is important to me is being authentic and surrounding myself with people who inspire me and who lift me up.


Luann Nigara recently interviewed me for her podcast “A Well-Designed Business”® In my professional and personal relationships, compassion, generosity, and trust are paramount. I believe these are the ingredients for a color-full life.

Just as plants need water and sun, all of us yearn for the nutrients that will make us whole and healthy. Our spaces can feed us or deplete us. This is one way a professional interior designer can make a huge difference. We listen. We soothe. We collaborate. Our insight, experience, training and an eye for detail enhance our clients’ homes and promote well-being.