We are about to embark on exciting design journey together. To help us operate with maximum efficiency, its important to familiarize yourself with our online client portal. This is the platform where our virtual collaboration takes place.



As our design journey progresses, so will use of this living platform. We start by uploading before photos, inspiration images, and measurement files. Then, we work together on sharing ideas and dividing tasks. Within the client portal, you will review and approve items, view and pay invoices, message the team with questions, flag items with comments, view your client task list, and much more.


Getting Started:

  • Login above

  • Your email address - the one you provided to our team

  • Your temporary password will be emailed to you when your account is setup

  • Once logged on please change your password to one you will remember


Highlights to Look For Once Logged On:

  • Contract

    • Click on “Contract” in the left column to be taken to your contract.

    • Please read all the way through and click “accept” at the bottom of the contract. Clicking “accept” serves as your virtual signature and is time/date stamped.

  • Invoices

    • Click on “Invoices” in the left column to be taken to your initial invoices.

    • Here you will see your initial invoices

    • You may pay invoices via bank transfer (our preferred method), by post check, or directly through the site with a credit card (processed by Stripe). Contact our Finance team with questions: finance@daneaustindesign.com

Spaces > Project Overview

  • If you now look on the left menu for “Spaces” listed below you should see “Project Overview”

  • Click “Project Overview”

  • From this screen, you will be able to access your “Notes” which is where we will add any tasks or needs we have from you.

  • Spaces > Products

    • You can access your products within the space level.

    • Click the check mark to approve any and all items you love

    • Click the flag and send us notes on any items you have concerns on

    • Please note these prices do not reflect sales tax

  • Spaces > Uploading Images & Files

    • Within your space is where you upload and add inspiration images to share with us.

    • You can also upload measurement files and before images here.