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What do you charge for AN initial PHONE consultation?

An initial phone consultation with DANE AUSTIN DESIGN is complementary. Call us today to make an appointment.

How long does it take from our initial consultation until my final redesign is complete?

Because every design is different, there is no set time-frame. Some clients want to commission custom furniture and textile designs, some want to import pieces from specialty furniture retailers around the world, and some want us to manage construction projects before the final design is put in place. When we start the process, however, we will provide you with a realistic estimate of how long your design will take to plan and install.

What will working with DANE AUSTIN DESIGN cost me?

Every client has a different budget and a unique set of needs. During your initial consultation, we’ll determine the kind of redesign you want and which level of service is right for you. From there, we can give you an estimate of our costs.

What is Dane Austin’s signature style?

At DANE AUSTIN DESIGN, each new concept we do is personalized and unique, so each client has a space that reflects their personality and the way they want to live. Because each client has different wants, needs and budgets, we have the opportunity to build a different kind of space for each of them.

Where do you work? Do you accept clients outside of the Boston and Washington, DC metro areas?

Even though our primary offices are in Boston and Washington, DC, we work with clients all over the world.

How does the Interior Design process go?

Because of the personalized nature of our services, the process is different for every client. But the basic framework looks like this:

• Initial consultation. This is where we meet and determine basic design goals, establishing a rough budget for your design(s).
• Formalizing our agreement. We will send over a detailed agreement for you to review and sign before any work begins.
• Detailed planning meeting. Our team will work with you to start planning and gain greater detail from what was established in our initial consultation.
• Delivery of design concepts. We’ll prepare and present concepts for your space, including furniture, textile, lighting and accessories selections, as well as room layout options.
• Selection and purchasing. Once you’ve signed off on selected concept(s), we’ll begin ordering new items for your custom design.
• Installation. After any construction and painting (or similar finish work) is complete, we install your new design, down to the last finishing touches.

What do I need to do before our first meeting?

Now that you’re thinking about hiring an Interior Designer, start a collection of images that inspire you. Whether it’s a room you love or just a piece of furniture or even a painting, collecting magazine pages or creating an online Pinterest Board / Houzz Ideabook will help us to understand what moves you.

How do I know if I need an Interior Designer, an Architect or a General Contractor?

During our first meeting, we’ll ask a lot of questions – this will help to determine the goals for your Interior Design. At that point, we’ll know the type of help you need. For instance, the team at DANE AUSTIN DESIGN can handle planning for some construction projects, but will recommend an architect if you’re planning additions or changes to load-bearing walls. General Contractors can offer remodeling advice, but typically don’t have the same sensitivity as an Interior Designer when it comes to building a home that perfectly reflects your lifestyle and personality.

Furniture stores have free decorating services when you buy from them, so why should I hire an Interior Designer?

Decorators working at furniture stores are trained to sell furniture and accessories. While they may have an eye for general decoration, their training is typically in sales techniques, not in the area of Interior Design. A good Interior Designer will offer you a much more personal experience, and will be able to help you find the perfect design for your space, taking into account your lifestyle, your personality and even the acoustics, accessibility and ergonomics of your space.

Now that we’ve finished our planning meeting, should I start buying furniture and accessories I like right away?

If you see something you like, send us a picture of it. But don’t purchase anything until we’ve settled on a final plan for your design. Sometimes we are able to find special deals on items for our clients, and it’s best to avoid costly mistakes. We’ll work with you to make purchases, ensuring you’re getting the best pieces for the best prices.

I’m not sure what I want for style, so I’m skeptical about spending money on an Interior Designer.

At DANE AUSTIN DESIGN, our goal is to create a space that is uniquely yours. We get to know you and your family, understanding how you live, what’s most important to you and the style that will make you feel most at home. We don’t have a “signature design” because we personalize every element of your design to fit with who you are and how you want to live. No design will be finalized without your approval.

I don’t have a lot of spare time, and I’m afraid working with a designer will take a lot of effort. Will this be all-consuming?

How much time you invest in your experience with DANE AUSTIN DESIGN is entirely up to you. After our initial planning meeting is complete, you can be a part of the shopping and selection process for every element of your design, or you can leave all of the work to us. We’ll make selections that fit with your style and budget, and with your approval, we’ll do all the ordering, accepting of deliveries, managing any structural work and subcontractors, and even arranging every element of furniture, artwork and lighting so all you have to do is enjoy the finished work.

I already have furniture that I like plus artwork, family heirlooms and accessories. What will become of my current pieces if we work together?

When we begin planning, we’ll take an inventory of your current belongings. Depending on your ultimate style goals, lifestyle, and budget, we can either keep, repurpose or sell your existing pieces, using your favorites to anchor or complement your new design.

I only have one room to redesign right now. Is that okay?

Whether you’re redesigning one room or the whole house, we’re here for you. Many of our clients prefer to work on one area of their home at a time, and call us back in when they’re ready to improve other rooms.

Our family is committed to being earth-friendly. Can you help us create a design that fits with our values?

Absolutely! Whenever possible, we bring in furniture, textiles and artwork from local artisans as part of our commitment to the community and the environment. Plus, we know exactly how to source eco-friendly furnishings and decor that are made from re-purposed and recycled goods, while still maintaining exceptional quality and luxury. Many of our clients have causes that are close to their hearts, and creating interior designs that serve their goals is something we take seriously.